Hi Vis Rain Gear

High Visibility Rain Gears are just as useful in wet and rainy weather as they are in the dark. The low visibility that a rain shower can cause may result to work hazards especially for those who are not wearing the right apparel. This is why people working in such conditions and even those who commute on their bikes and motors should consider a proper Hi Vis Rain Gear.

Features to Look for in a Good Hi Vis Rain Gear

The right fabric

Making sure that your Hi Vis Rain Gear is made of high-quality fabric is what’s most important as you want something that’s not just highly visible but also comfortable to wear, breathable, and will last you for years.

There have been different kinds of fabric produced for Hi Vis Rain Gears through the years. The lightest and most breathable fabric is the one with waterproof treatment. Some fabrics have a durable water repellent layer that makes water beads roll off the gear.

Some fabrics have a membrane inserted between layers. Some have both the waterproof membrane and the durable water repellant layer to better shield against water.

Waterproof vs. Water resistant

Don’t make the common mistake of thinking these both mean the same thing because they don’t. Waterproof gear means it’s made of waterproof fabric and has taped seams. A water resistant or water repellent jacket uses hydrophobic treatment and may stand up well against some light rain showers but only for a short while and definitely not during a heavy downpour.

Taped seams

Pay close attention to the descriptions of the Hi Vis Rain Gear’s details. Some Hi Vis Rain Gears are waterproof and have taped seams but are not really fully waterproof so they only have taped seams in key areas of the gear. The fewer the seams the gear has, the fewer opportunities for water to seep in.

On the other hand, more panels lead to more seams that make for a better fit for the apparel. This has also led manufacturers to experiment with different fabrics just to come up with a Hi Vis Gear that has the perfect fit and comfort.

Dropped tails and adjustability

A Hi Vis Rain Gear’s dropped tails and adjustability may be something most cyclists and athletes may want to pay more attention to. These dropped tails cover the wearer’s lower back and behind while crouching low on the bike.

Some of these dropped tails can be detachable from the overall gear.

Most Hi Vis Rain Gears are deliberately designed to be lengthy on the arms to keep your wrists covered while you’re stretched out on the bike. Gaps between the collar and cuffs in the apparel are not ideal for rain and snow as others may have already experienced.

This is why an elasticated or adjustable openings on a Hi Vis Rain Gear is something you should look for. These adjustable openings have drawstrings at the hem and Velcro on cuffs.


This is something you’d want to make sure the jacket has when selecting your Hi Vis Rain Gear. Good ventilation is necessary for the wearer’s comfort. You wouldn’t want to be shielded from the rain yet feel like you’re drowning in your own sweat because of the excessive dampness or moisture underneath your gear.

Some gears are lacking in ventilation that it gets easily damp during a warm weather or some physical activity.

Some Hi Vis Rain Gear has full-length zip for good ventilation. Zips on the sleeves or in the armpits are also good to keep the air flowing. These extra features may add to both the gear’s weight and cost.

Mesh lining

If you’re looking for great comfort in your Hi Vis Rain Gear, look for one that has a mesh lining. A mesh lining on your apparel gives a more comfortable feeling on your bare skin as it efficiently removes the moisture underneath whenever you’re sweating.

Dampness underneath the apparel happens because the gear is unable to remove this excessive moisture so this is where the mesh lining comes in. Just like the extra features for good ventilation, a mesh lining on your Hi Vis Rain Gear will add up to the overall weight and cost.