Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket

When it comes to hardwear durability, Dickies Workwear is virtually the final word. Your perfect choice for a waterproof jacket that’s studded with a storm flap, the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is made to help you survive the elements of nature – in style!

Features of the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket

The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket comes packed with a host of excellent features that combine a well-stitched waterproof fabric with reflective strips, studded storm flap, concealed hood, a two-way zipper and the highest apparel safety standards to keep you well protected in the worst of weather conditions.

  • Well-stitched waterproof fabric with tape-welded seams – The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is designed to give you the ultimate protection from rain. With its solid, tape-welded seams, this waterproof jacket keeps rainwater safely out as you brave the wet weather to go about your work.
  • Studded storm flap – The studded storm flap lends the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket additional protection from storm and rain, while keep you nicely visible to one and all. You can simply pull the flap to ensure that not a drop of water soaks through the jacket to cause you any discomfort out in the rain.
  • Reflective strips – The reflective strips blend well with the hi-vis yellow color of the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket for sustained high visibility. With this jacket to cover you, you’ll never again have to worry about losing your way on a rainy night or coming in the way of a fast-moving truck.
  • Concealed hood with draw cord – The multi-layered protection offered by the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket will leave you amazed. The hood, with its draw cord, is another protective layer of this jacket. You can either leave the hood drawn it or out, according to your convenience and requirement.
  • Two-way zip – The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket has a two-way zip that adds style to the jacket, while allowing flexibility and freedom of movement. It also gives you freedom to keep the zip completely pulled down or up, or just half way through, or as you may like it.
  • Multiple pockets for diverse uses – The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket provides high level of functionality, well suited to your practical needs. Its two jetted outside pockets are fitted to carry all your outdoor essentials, including flashlights, keys etc. A separate external mobile phone pocket means you can keep your phone well protected yet handy for an emergency. You also get with this jacket the convenience of two internal pockets, one of which has a pen division for ease of use.
  • High-quality fabric with knitted cuffs & hem – The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is made for long-lasting durability and breathable comfort, with an inner Nylon fabric quilted with Polyester filling. The cuffs and hem are securely well knitted for improved hardiness.
  • Conforming to BSEN471 Class 3 – The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket conforms to the BSEN471 Class 3 high-visibility safety standards, making it ideal for use at sites of highway construction or other activities taking place near fast-moving traffic.


Designed for total safety – The Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is equipped with the best of apparel safety features, which keep the user safe and well protected not just from the vagaries of the weather but also from possible accidents.

Durable & reliable jacket – Made of high quality material, this jacket ensures excellent durability and reliability, with no loose ends, quite literally. So with this jacket on, you can stop worrying about things coming off from the seams or hems, and just comfortably carry on with your work without giving a thought to the rain or storm lashing all around you.

Epitomizes comfort – Though crafted to protect in the most rugged of conditions, the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is neither abrasive nor suffocating in any way. From the hood to the flap, all features of this jacket are designed to ensure perfect ease, breathability and comfort of use, coupled with amazing functionality.


If you’re looking for a good protective jacket to keep you safe from rain and storm, the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is an excellent option. However, it wouldn’t be a great idea to expect this jacket to remain free of dirt, filth or grease, which you’re bound to be exposed to while working heavy-duty. So cleaning this jacket can be a tough call.


For a man who wants fashion with functional control while roughing it out in the rain or storm, the Dickies High-Visibility Bomber Jacket is an ideal choice. It’ll keep you well protected and visibly safe while allowing you to retain your usual chic style.